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Welcome to our website which aims to give information to help students and parents decide on the Pre-U v A Levels or the International Baccalaureate. We can also help parents choose a Pre-U Independent School or College in England, Wales and Scotland.

The Pre U is a new post-16 qualification which aims to prepare students more effectively for future University studies and was introduced into UK private schools and sixth form colleges from September 2008. The first exam results were published in 2010 It aims to provide Universities with a means of differentiation from the current mass of A grade A Level students by offering a more rigorous and stretching academic program evaluated on a series of higher grades. UCAS has already allocated Pre-U grades with higher UCAS tariff points than comparable A Level grades. The Pre-U Diploma has been developed by University of Cambridge International Examinations.

We keep our website navigation extremely simple. Click on the above boxes to find detailed information on the Pre-U and schools which offer it. In the “What is the Pre-U” section we describe the structure of the Pre-U Diploma. Students study a minimum of three Pre-U subjects, complete an Independent Research Report and a Global Perspectives portfolio to gain the Pre-U Diploma.

In the section on “Pre-U or A levels”, there is a the ability to order our eGuide for students and parents to provide assistance in deciding which curriculum to take in the sixth form.

In the “Expert Assistancesection you may apply for an individual consultation with one of our experienced education consultants to discuss your personal circumstances or for help in finding a Pre-U school or college.

In the Find a schoolsection we will list all independent or public schools and colleges known to be offering the Pre-U. Finally in the “News” section, we will publish regular articles to keep you up to date with developments relating to the Pre-U.

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