Expert Assistance

There are two forms of expert assistance provided by our experienced education consultants.

Consultation on whether to take Pre-U or A levels of IB

This consists of a fee paid telephone consultation of up to 60 minutes for a cost of £99 inclusive of VAT. We ask you to complete a questionnaire before a mutually agreed time for the discussion. This will normally be done by Michael Fanya, ex Senior Master of the UK’s largest residential sixth form college. You will also be provided with a detailed guide on subject choices with particular reference to your preferred university degree course.

Pre-U School Placement

This is a customised service for parents to recommend an appropriate independent school / college for your child. It is carried out by two ex Senior Masters of Independent Schools who have spent many years interviewing parents and pupils for admissions.


HOWEVER, there is a fee for advice on day schools or elite academic boarding schools or complex cases. The fee for most standard cases is £995 plus 20% UK Value Added Tax. This gives parents up to 10 hours consultancy advice, after which any excess time would be charged at £200 + VAT per hour. We require payment before commencing work on fee paid cases and you will be given details after completion of the above enquiry form. Our reply will be by telephone.

Note also that

  • We only do FREE placements where we are acting exclusively (no other education consultants involved or direct approaches being made to schools)
  • If an assignment for placement is more than 15 months in advance of the start date, we require fees on the above rates.
  • We do not guarantee admissions. That depends on your child passing the admissions criteria of the school.
  • We do not accompany parents on school visits unless specifically requested when it is charged at the above hourly rate + travel expenses.

Note that we will obviously consider the schools on this website, but a number will have waiting lists or extremely high entry criteria. Therefore, please answer all questions as to your requirements. All boxes should be completed, even if to say not relevant.

We do not share your personal details with other organisations, except schools and colleges to which we may refer you. Additionally your details will be used by our school placement consultants (whether employed or subcontracted) solely for the purpose of advice on school choice. By accepting our Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to the use of your personal data in this way.

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Your personal details and any information that you provide The Company (Education Advisers Ltd) with about your child/children, including school reports, medical and educational psychologist’s reports, and other information that you share with us verbally or in writing, will be held electronically on our internal CRM and in secure folders to which only authorized Education Advisers Ltd consultants have access. This data will be retained by us in order to provide you with relevant information and services. The Company endeavours to ensure that the Personal Data held is accurate and that inaccurate, irrelevant and excessive information is either deleted or rendered anonymous as soon as reasonably practical. However, the Company may retain some Personal Data in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations and for other legitimate business reasons.