Pre-U or A Levels or IB

The sixth form curriculum in UK private schools is now generally divided into A Levels or The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or the Pre-U Diploma. Other qualifications have appeared such as the AQA Bacc or the English Bacc or Extended Projects, but we are ignoring them here as they are extensions of A Levels.

We have written an eGuide for students and parents to provide assistance in deciding which curriculum to take in the sixth form. Most schools who have introduced the IB or Pre-U describe them in glowing terms and point out the higher tariffs awarded by UCAS (whilst conveniently omitting that many top 20 Universities do not trust the UCAS tariffs) For the bright candidate, the IB or the Pre-U can be an excellent choice. However, they may not suit all candidates and here we try to give a more even handed view of each one’s merits and suitability. We also give you a process to follow to help you make your decision.

We make a nominal charge of £5 for this eGuide but it is provided free of charge to parents who are using our bespoke school placement service. The eGuide is supplied by email. Please fill in the following form and click on submit, after which you will be directed to a page containing our paypal and bank details.

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